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Watch out for tree branches

Published 5:00pm Saturday, May 18, 2013

I am hoping we can warn the community to watch for the danger of falling tree branches.

There are several trees around town waiting to be taken care of. There are very large branches that could fall at any moment, especially if it’s a windy day.

My yard is a heavy children play area so I talked to several people on my block to warn them and half the adults had no clue and thanked me.

Later in the day an adult that I had already talked to was sitting outside with two very large branches from his neighbor’s tree swaying overhead. I told him I don’t think I would want to be sitting there. I had to explain why.

A bit later an elderly woman comes out and is picking up tiny branches under those two I had told the other man about. I walk over to discuss my concern, and she had no idea.

She said her son had come and he didn’t say anything. Standing under the tree you could not tell. I had to have her step way back and then she was able to see and thanked me.

So long story short please watch out for your neighbors, young and old. Don’t assume they know, go talk to them, and please please talk to your kids of any age to warn them.

Side note: I also discuss with my kids if one does fall and goes into your body do not pull it out. Get help fast. Leave it there; it could bleed out fast if you pull it out.

Secure it so it doesn’t move and get emergency help.

Thanks for listening.


Bobbie Lamaack

Albert Lea