19-year-old pleads not guilty to assault

Published 2:16pm Saturday, June 22, 2013

A 19-year-old Albert Lea man pleaded not guilty Thursday in Freeborn County District Court to allegedly chasing his brother with butcher knives and starting a crib on fire in his parent’s home.

Omar Rodriguez entered the provisional not guilty plea to second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, causing a negligent fire and domestic assault.

His lawyer will have 30 days to review the evidence to decide whether to contest it, Freeborn County District Court records stated.

Omar Rodriguez
Omar Rodriguez

According to court documents, Rodrigeuz reportedly locked his parents out of their home at 636 E. Sixth St. after which one of his brothers threw a large rock through the window.

The brothers reportedly told him he needed to leave the house.

While one of the brothers was walking toward his vehicle, Rodriguez reportedly came out of the house with two knives. Rodriguez tried to stab the brother, so he ran to his vehicle parked in road.

When the victim was in the vehicle, Rodriguez allegedly threw the knives. The victim then reportedly got out of the car and punched Rodriguez several times and then called police.

Rodriguez told police he grabbed the knives to protect himself and chased his brothers away. He alleged one of the brothers reportedly hit him with a car in the left thigh, after which he threw the knives to the ground.

He also stated one of the brothers punched him in the face eight to 12 times with a closed fist.