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Arguing with troll doesn’t work

Published 3:08pm Saturday, June 22, 2013

I’m writing to express my surprise and disappointment with a letter writer for writing what amounts to the Nixon-esque “enemies list” in his most recent letter to the editor. It seems a very irresponsible thing to do, to be sure.

To those of you who were fortunate to make this list, I would like to venture some unsolicited advice: Don’t feed the trolls. A troll’s existence is only validated by bullying people from relative anonymity and waiting for a response. Rinse. Repeat. Your time will be better spent on other endeavors.


Erik Schminke


  1. Patrick Cunningham

    Challenging the many rascist deplorable remarks cramming the local paper day after day is not necessarily bullying. We have not all amputated our spine and then sit up begging for another bone.