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Editorial: Common sense needed with high water

Published 9:52am Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We don’t imagine the readers of the Tribune to be the types who attempt to drive through high water in the streets. Newspaper readers tend to be educated, intelligent people. However, we do imagine they might know a few of those sort of drivers. Perhaps they might spread this advice:

It is unwise for motorists to drive through high water in the streets or to ford creeks, rivers or lakes that have risen over roadways.

The motor gets wet. The car stalls out. The driver is stuck in the middle of high water, or sometimes even worse, a current. Someone has to come rescue the driver and the car, probably during a stormy time when law enforcement and tow truck drivers have more pressing concerns.

Common sense is needed. If a driver comes upon high water that has not been barricaded by city, county or state workers, he or she ought to turn around and go another way and consider calling local authorities to alert them to the danger. The driver who calls it in might be the one who saves another motorist from the troubles.

One other thing: Every time Fountain Lake rises high, there always is one or two boat owners whose boat is free and floating on the lake. The smart owners are the ones who got their boat to the ramp before the storm and put it on the boat trailer for a spell.