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Editorial: Thumbs

Published 3:11pm Saturday, June 22, 2013

Editorial: Thumbs

thumbupTo the next phase of the Broadway reconstruction.

We look forward to Fountain Street reopening on Monday. That will make getting around the lake much easier. It was wise to get the work on Fountain Street done first so that it is a route to get around downtown construction work for the remainder of the summer. The middle of downtown, however, will now face construction work, as the second phase covers the next block — from Clark Street to William Street.


thumbdownTo never-ending rain.

Umbrellas are getting some good use in 2013 after nearly being forgotten about in 2012. We knew southern Minnesota needed some rain to overcome the extensive drought it had been in for more than a year. We never expected to get this much. It rained a lot on Friday and more is expected today. Chances of thunderstorms are forecast for several days this week. It would be nice to give farm fields, gardens and yards a little more time to dry out before the next storm.


thumbupTo candidates seeking office.

Politicians endure ridicule and criticism, but there is no doubt that they deserve praise for tossing their hat in the ring. Rather than just talking about the issues, they get up and go do something about them. This requires a strong degree of public service, especially at the state and federal levels. It’s good to see some of these races shaping up, and we wish the candidates a truly American experience while on the road, win or lose.