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Harmony Park is not like portrayal

Published 3:12pm Saturday, June 29, 2013

I read your story “Harmony Park is on a hot seat.”

I have been going to Harmony Park for 21 years, and I know a significant portion of the regular attendees. Although any large crowd has a variety of personalities, on a whole this group of people are the kindest, most respectful people you will find. I have never heard of a gun being brought to Harmony Park, and I have not seen a physical fight break out. On multiple occasions, I have stopped to chat with the deputies on patrol at the park. In my limited contact with them, I did not detect any feelings of uneasiness or concern about their safety. It is the most welcoming place I know, regardless of who you are. I also expect the extent of friendliness in this park would make an unstable gun-carrying type stand out and be helped.

From the nature of the report, it appears that you are not familiar with the culture of Harmony Park. If you are going to write about this issue in the future, I would encourage you to attend a festival or at the very least interview people that do have experience with the culture of the park. This park does not fit the stereotypical “music festival” norm. It is a much more grown-up, responsible gathering.

I felt the article was unfair in using assumptions to smear a whole group of people. As I consider myself a member of this group, I personally felt insulted. I realize you were quoting others in the opinions included, but it is your job to portray a balanced and accurate story.

Thank you for considering my opinion.


Dan Renner

St. Paul