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Letter was kind of suspicious

Published 9:59am Monday, June 24, 2013

I received a letter in the mail today. It was in a plain white envelope with no return address and my name and address handwritten. Inside the envelope was a letter with the word American on top and information that I had won two plane tickets to anywhere in the United States. They state they have been trying to contact me and if I don’t contact them by two days from now, they’ll have to pass the tickets on to the alternate winner. They want me to call a number.

Please, if you get a letter like this, throw it away, do not call. After researching this, I have found that the Better Business Bureau is warning people this is a scam and all they want is your personal information.

First clue: Plain white envelope. Second clue: No return address. Third clue: Handwritten name and address. Fourth clue: Letterhead looks homemade. Please save yourself some heartache and throw this letter away if you receive it.
Kathy Diaz
Albert Lea