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Lifeguards keep on saving lives

Published 9:34am Friday, June 21, 2013

I watched as a life was saved today, literally. While I was reading, watching my kids and enjoying the sun, a local lifeguard at the Albert Lea city pool saved a little boy who was drowning.

I am in awe. This was, in my opinion, an act of great heroism, and yet, life went on as if things like this occur every day. The boy was drowning; the lifeguard blew his whistle, jumped in, saved the boy, sat with him — patting his back until he wasn’t afraid — and took him off to find his family just as another guard quietly slipped into the now unoccupied chair. The next thing I know, the lifeguard is back on duty without fanfare, without applause and without commendation. I don’t know the guard or the little boy, but I couldn’t let this go without publicly thanking all the young lifeguards at our city pool. You are professional, and do your jobs well. Thank you for taking your work seriously.


Apryl Gorton
Albert Lea