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Published 6:05am Sunday, June 30, 2013

Trinity Lutheran Church Women

The Trinity lutheran Church Women hosted their annual Pioneer Day Luncheon at noon June 5. The theme of the luncheon was “Divine Devotion,” John 10:27, “My sheep hear my voice and I know them, and they follow me.” Musical notes were used and colors of black, gray, silver and red decorated the tables.

The women were welcomed by Co-Chairwoman, Bev Jackson Cotter. She said, “The pioneer woman was an innovator and trailblazer.” The women have been have been serving the program for 125 years. A new member from Kenya was amongst the women.

The prelude music was played by Dori Schou on the piano. She played before and during the luncheon.

Kim Nelson gave devotions. “God leads us and he has a road map for each of us.”  The women recited the table prayer on the back of their programs.

The co-chairwomen of the event were Ann Goodmanson and Nelson. A delicious lunch was prepared by the Mary and Elizabeth Circles under the direction of Greg Anderson.

Jan Drews introduced the program, 3 CDs, a trio consisting of three retired choir directors. Their names were Linda, Audrey and Julie. They sing ’50s, oldies and spiritual music. Their music was enjoyed by all and was very uplifting. It was toe tapping.

The Pioneer Day luncheon honored all members 80 years and older. All younger women were encouraged to attend also.

The ushers, Kim and Ann, helped with the offering. This will be used for the general expenses of the TLCW.

Jackson Cotter thanked the three CDs for entertaining all the ladies who attended. The women closed with the Lord’s prayer.


Glenville First Lutheran Church Women

The First Lutheran Glenville church women met at 7 p.m. May 15. Special guests were Mary Ann Allison, Arletta Woods and the Rev. David Hernes. Audrey Mehus gave a report on stewardship projects. Jeneane Rushton spoke on the prayer shawls – the people who receive them and the people who make them.

Rushton gave devotions on set of hats program, “Women wear many hats.” A video from 21 years ago was played featuring many in the congregation. Her collection belonged to Myra Sorlie who had hats dating back 100 years. The honored guests were models in the video. Desserts were served by Jan Flatness and Mary Ann Thompson.

A dinner honoring 70 years old and older members will be at noon Aug. 21. Invitations will be sent out. Scott Mehus will do the program. He is the educational director at the Eagle Center in Wabasha.



The TOPS Minnesota Chapter 979 announces its April and May winners.

Division winners: Angie West, Janice Schroader, Keith Porter, Sandy Oudekerk, Betty Hanson, Shirley Schuster, Pat Sorenson and Darlene Kenison.

14-year KOPS pin: Frieda Johannsen

16-year KOPS pin: Peggy Inderlie

17-year KOPS pin: Nancy Jenson

Showers fruit: Peggy Inderlie and Frieda Johannsen

Vegetable: Nancy Jenson, Elayne Wichmann and Peggy Inderlie

Paper: Ardis Bang

TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is a nonprofit weight-loss support group. There is no diet plan but support with others on the journey to health and wellness.

TOPS MN 979 meets at 9 a.m. on Thursdays at the Senior Center in the Skyline Plaza to weigh-in and learn about healthy lifestyles.