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The left wing strikes back

Published 9:40am Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Can you believe it? Another far right 10 percenter came out of the closet.

Don Sorensen is his name. In his letter to the editor dated June 9 he stated Wayne Thorson is all wet. It is obvious that he listens to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or any more of these far-right loons or pinheads as Bill O’Reilly would say it. I’m making a list of all the loons that have blasted me in their letters: Don Sorensen, Jeff Ramsley, Tom Jacobson, Gary Altfillisch, Tim Kasper, Paul Westrum, John Forman and another. I think his name was Scott Bute.

In my letter to Gary Altfillisch’s bash on me dated June 3, I invited him and another dozen far-right loons that he would need to argue politics to make it equal against me. Now you have eight. You need five more. You are welcome to my house any time. I can’t lose the debate. I have George W. Bush on my side.

I do believe that any open-minded person with just plain common sense should be able to win any argument with a 10 percenter or far-right loon or pinhead. It is going to be interesting how many of the American people remember how those Republicans voted on background checks on people buying firearms in the next election. I hope I will not be the only one to remind them.

Until then it makes me feel good by getting bashed by these loons. At least they aren’t attacking President Barack Obama when they are going after me. I am going out of my way and making a prediction. By the end of Obama’s term he is going to be so popular that people will want him to run again. You know he can’t because of term limits. His wife will be asked to run. Everyone is expecting Hillary Clinton to run, but she will beat her out. If I am wrong, it won’t be so bad. I am a Hilliary supporter. If she gets elected she will have the best adviser money can buy and it won’t cost the taxpayers anything. Right now I can feel those far-right loons just boiling in their minds.

I was asked, “Wayne, just where do you get your information?” In my next letter I will cover this. I’m sure you loons all still have the ability to learn. I’m not going to give up on you. I will do the best I can to educate you. I have urged the ones who have written to me, called me or given me atta-boys to write their own letter to the editor. It isn’t fair that I have all this fun by myself. Come and help me educate these far-right loons. They need help.


Wayne Thorson
Albert Lea

  • Al Helgerson

    I have found it doesn’t do much good to try and talk\discuss issues with your so called “10%’ers\Fox news followers”
    They are fearful folks. They are afraid of progress.
    Rest assured thugh that their numbers and outdated ideas will continue to dwindle and diminish just as their narrow minded predecessors who opposed…
    -women owning property
    -allowing people of color to vote
    -allowing women to vote
    -marriage between different races
    -Gays in the army
    -women in combat
    -girls in sports
    -women demanding equal pay
    -allowing anyone to sit in whatever bus seat they want

  • Scott Bute

    Wayne, you are mistaken. I have never directly written a letter in response to any of your weekly rantings. One piece of advice I could give you as a long time contributer to letters to the editor: I wrote a letter one time many years ago mad and disgusted about a certain issue. I name called and basically made an a– out of myself. I don’t recommend doing that as it immediately destroys any credibility that you might have had.
    Al, I believe it was the Republican party of Abraham Lincoln that ended slavery and gave us the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution. Neither of these parties or their ideologies is perfect. Far from it. There are more than enough examples of this to go around whether you consider yourself an R or a D.

  • stardust

    Albert Lea and its local news print is a safe place for fearful local citizens to hide and vent their out-dated visions of society. Making life miserable for social progression is a hobby they hold dear.