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Feds ask about transcript changes

Published 10:03am Friday, July 5, 2013

ST. CLOUD — Officials with the FBI and U.S. Department of Education have begun investigating reports of student transcripts being secretly changed at St. Cloud State University.

The investigation comes after faculty members complained that grades they’d given students were later removed from transcripts without the professor’s knowledge, a violation of university policy. Agents have interviewed at least two professors seeking more information.

“They were investigating the effect of transcript alterations, the removal of grades and the possible impact on financial aid eligibility,” said Jack McKenna, a chemistry professor who met with agents Tuesday.

Jan Kircher, a professor of social work, said the agents who interviewed her were concerned about fraud and asking for the name of a student whose grade had been changed. She said she told them she didn’t have records and couldn’t provide them with a name.

University spokesman Adam Hammer acknowledged that federal agents were recently on campus.