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Albert Leans get ripped on MNsure

Published 9:25am Wednesday, October 16, 2013

If you want to see how the MNsure plans really work, put Albert Lea zip 56007 into the box and check price, then put a Twin Cities zip code (55402) and see what they pay up there. I did it for my wife and Albert Lea was $952 for silver plan and Twin Cities was $352 for silver plan?


John Forman
Albert Lea

  • Nikki Kirsch

    Then move to the cities.

  • Angry1

    Is that the best you have nikki? have I am disappointed, either way here is some news from mordor on the mississippi about unsure.

    St. Paul- Members of the MNsure Board met Wednesday, October 16 with the expectation of announcing enrollment numbers for Minnesota’s new health insurance exchange. However, MNsure announced Tuesday that they had delayed sharing application information with health plans until later this month. Without that information, health plans are not able to completely enroll anyone.

    ANOTHER stellar government program being managed poorly not meeting the most basic of expectations, I wonder how many doctors it will actually have nobody knows. I guess the trib will have to keep hunting for the magic unicorn(a successful enrollment)for a lot longer as the completed enrollments stand at ZERO, ZILCH, NADA.

    As noted the cost for services has risen, services provided are a one size fits none, and look out the whole deductible that is being front loaded before insurance will pay, now nikki I remember somebody blabbering on about being able to keep your coverage if you like it and bending the cost curve down again who said that and how was that a truthful statement?

    • pkpeapod1

      I think the problem with the federal website is that it was created by another contractor. We need to end all privatized government programs. Let’s get back to governments hiring qualified individuals to do the work of the American people.

  • pkpeapod1

    Your letter to editor about different prices between Albert Lea and the Cities is extremely disingenuous. You have a very good job and I’m sure your wife is covered under the probably gold-plated health insurance you receive. Like the news reporters who are trying to log into the federal system, you should not be trolling the website to trash the new healthcare system. I for one cannot wait until we get improved ACA to Medicare for All, a single payer system.

    • sdson77

      Patti, what a terrible response, saying it is disingenuous to explore the website and see the difference? Why can’t a person do that. Whether they have insurance or not should not make a difference. Secondly, I dread the day we have a single payor system. Check Canada out Patti, they are broke and they are beginning to have death panels decide who is kept alive and who isn’t. The wait to see a specialist is over 12 weeks that is for the initial appointment. Obama has had 3 years to get these websites ready, they should be embarrassed by crap they have put out there just to hit a deadline. It is pretty sad what our government is becoming.

  • john Forman

    I have been asked why I would be looking at the MNSURE web site since I have Insurance at work. A little known fact about Obama care is that pre-existing conditions do affect rates for group plans. ALAMCO has had high usage on our group plan and several large increases in rates have forced us to go to a high deductable plan to keep rates down. Unlike the Senate and house that exempt themselves from Obama care all ALAMCO employees are under the same group plan. We have been informed that our plan may not be good enough under federal Obama care rules and we may have to force all Employees to pay much higher premiums for a plan that meets the rules. As long as ALAMCO has a group plan our employees are not eligible for the subsidies for which they may otherwise qualify. One possible solution would be to drop our group plan, pay the penalty, send employees to the MNSURE plans and save everybody money. We probably will not do this but I have to look at all possibilities