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GOP opposes taxes for its freeways

Published 11:26am Thursday, October 17, 2013

This is in answer to Russell Anderson’s letter published Oct. 6. You asked for my answer to your answer of what any Republican has ever done for the Average Joe or me.

You mentioned President Dwight Eisenhower recommended building the Interstate Highway System through the entire United States. You had to go back 60 years to dig up an attaboy for the Republican Party. I want give you an attaboy for finding something that does affect the Average Joe.

You do realize we got the idea from Adolf Hitler? Hitler built the Autobahn all through Germany in the 1930s. This was built so he could move his troops around more quickly. Every president since it was built has asked for taxes to pay for the upkeep of these highways. I find it terrible that the Republicans are always against taxes that support these highways.

You do realize that the jobs this creates are all paid for by tax dollars, that they don’t take care of themselves? Isn’t it funny that the Republicans don’t consider giving tax breaks to the wealthy as being socialistic. Only when it is given to those who fight their wars and work to keep this country afloat it is.


Wayne Thorson
Albert Lea

  1. Erik Schminke

    Holy COW… I did NOT see that one coming! Of all the potential responses one could expect to come back from Wayne, this one is by far, the most absurd.

    Nevermind the fact that he was wrong..

    From one of the MANY articles debunking this myth: “The Nazis were successful in propagating their image as creators of the German autobahn: it’s a myth that often still requires debunking today.” — and that’s on a German website, Deutsche Welle

    One doesn’t need to work too hard to find other articles corroborating that account.

  2. Scott Bute

    I can give you an example of one Republican who layed it all on the line for the American people here and now. Senator Ted Cruz is deserving of the highest praise. He courageously fought almost single handedly the massive train wreck called Obamacare while his Rino colleagues and the Democrats forced not only Obamacare on a nation that despises it, but also went back to the drunken spending binge that has spiraled our nation into a 17 Trillon dollar deficit. Do you realize that Obama has rung up 7 Trillion dollars to the deficit just since 2009? That is more than all of the presidents combined!
    Cruz is a leader, he has courage, intelligence and a moral compass. He can articulate conservatism like no one has since Reagan. How’s that for an ATTABOY!!