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Let’s vote out all the incumbents

Published 4:29pm Saturday, October 12, 2013

I don’t like to wish time away, but the time to vote again can’t get here soon enough. As one of the “entitled” who gets Social Security and Medicare and one of the “deadbeats” who has occasionally been unable to make a mortgage payment, I won’t vote for anyone now in office in 2014 or 2016. I hardly ever make political comments, but this federal shutdown and sequestration is starting to annoy me — a lot! I’m neither Democrat or Republican, but vote for the person, and none of these people is doing what we voted them in to do.

In 2014, the midterms, which are very important, is our chance to get rid of half the people in Congress. And 2016, the other half. But not enough people vote in the midterms. Time to start our own campaigns for friends and relatives and acquaintances to get out and vote at the midterms in 2014. We need to clean house (pardon the pun) and try obtain folks that really understand the word liberty! I know there are some good ones in the Congress now but are squelched so badly by the big spenders and loud talkers.

OK, I’m hopping down off my soap box. Be kind.


Laurel Yost

Scarville, Iowa