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Published 9:11am Sunday, October 20, 2013


The TOPS Minnesota Chapter 979 announced its August and September winners.

Division winners: Janice Schroader, Rose Rolands, Shirley Schuster, Pat Sorenson, Angie West, Mindy Christenson, Barb Solberg and Deanne Kuchera.

Quarterly winners: Angie West, Mindy Christenson, Shirley Schuster and Pat Sorenson.

Four-week loss: Dorothy Porter and Mindy Christenson

KOPS in black: Peggy Inderlie, Freida Johannsen, Ardus Sanderson, Nancy Jenson and Elayne Wichmann.

12-year KOPS: Ardis Bang

16-year KOPS: Elayne Wichmann

Showers vegetable: Pat Sorenson

Paper: Frieda Johannsen and Ardus Sanderson

Coin: Peggy Inderlie and Nancy Jenson

Coin shower: Ardus Sanderson