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President won’t speak with GOP

Published 4:30pm Saturday, October 12, 2013

A recent editorial in the Albert Lea Tribune says to get over it (Obamacare) and reopen government. The editorial virtually parrots the Democrat talking points from the president on down.

Yes, the legislation was passed by Democrats (not a single Republican voted for in either body) by amending an unrelated bill in the Senate at Christmas time in 2010. Yes, it survived a Supreme Court challenge — barely. And, yes, it is the law of the land. But this is a constitutional republic and all laws are subject to amendment. In fact, President Barack Obama himself has altered or amended the law by executive action to suit his needs, but what about the needs of you and me?

The president says, “I will not negotiate until the end of the government shutdown.” We hear the same from Sen. Harry Reid. The Republicans, meanwhile, have sent dozens of continuing resolutions to keep other priorities open — war memorials, military pay, treatment of children with cancer among others and the Democrat response is “No!” How is not coming to the table or being open to negotiation leadership? It is not!

More than 75 percent of federal government is still up and running and the administration has instructed the shutdown to create the most pain possible. Obama has ordered national parks closed, veterans memorials closed, military grocery stores closed and denied benefits to veterans, but Andrews Air Force Golf Course is still open. How absurd is that?

James Madison wrote in Federalist No. 58 that “the power over the purse,” which resides in the House, is a negotiation tool for redressing grievances. Yes, Mr. President, it was designed to bring all parties to the table.

In every shutdown prior to this one, the parties came together and negotiated at the table. President Clinton did, Ronald Reagan did, Jimmy Carter did as did every other president whether it was a Congress controlled by the same party or not. They all rolled up their sleeves, sat down and figured out a way to end the shutdown and compromise.

The president and majority leader in the Senate are too arrogant to do so.

They will protect Obamacare at all costs. The president has delayed implementation for businesses, hundreds if not thousands of exemptions granted, but you and I can’t have individual mandate delayed. Everyone but you and I get a delay or exemption — nice fairness, Mr. President!

Contrary to the editorial, those who didn’t understand Obamacare were the ones who passed it in the first place — the Democrats. It’s impacting full-time employment, the ability to keep your doctor, the ability to maintain your current health insurance, taxes all of us and it surely has not reduced costs as promised. You like a couple of things, but the things that are disastrous far outweigh the good things you claim.

The president and Sen. Reid have made this about politics not priorities. They say “pass a clean continuing resolution” — we the American people say “delay this train wreck called Obamacare!”


David Anderson