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The Democrats now like the GOP?

Published 9:27am Friday, October 18, 2013

It’s refreshing to hear Democrats showing so much concern for the GOP. They say the Tea Party is destroying GOP, and the GOP can beat the Tea Party.

But wait a minute. Isn’t this the same party that has had so much hate for President George W. Bush and the GOP and has repeatedly said the GOP “got us into this mess”? Of course it is. Why the change, you ask? Well think back. In his first six years, that nasty Bush didn’t veto a single bill authored by Democrats. Maybe if the man had been more fiscally responsible, we wouldn’t be in such a mess. Right? But you have to wonder how much more the Democrats would have hated Bush if he had vetoed a few of their bills.

But what about their change in tone today. Why are they “defending” the GOP? As I said, Bush gave them everything. But the Tea Party, believing in the Constitution and fiscal responsibility, is saying no to unbridled government spending and growth. The reaction of Democrats is like that of spoiled children. These adults — I use the term loosely — are stomping their feet and calling their opponents anarchists, haters and “terrorists waging jihad.” Believing in the Constitution and fiscal responsibility is terrorism? These people have a short memory of people leaping from buildings on 9/11 and of the sight and sound of journalist Daniel Pearl being beheaded.

On CNBC, President Barack Obama said, “I think it’s fair to say that during the course of my presidency I have bent over backwards to work with the Republican Party and have purposely kept my rhetoric down.” Considering Obama’s unwillingness to negotiate and the kind of rhetoric his presidency elicits from Democrats, his words are obscene.


Tom Jacobson
Albert Lea