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What is Fox News skipping topics?

Published 5:00pm Saturday, November 16, 2013

Have you watched Fox News lately? All they seem to want to talk about is how President Barack Obama misled us. They have gone to the extent of suggesting impeachment.

You would think he said he had inside information that a country had weapons of mass destruction and was about get us in a war that would last for 10 years. We would probably lose more than 4,000 of our young troops and maim for life over 20,000 of our young. And all this for no good reason and that his inside information was wrong.

The facts about Obamacare will eventually come out. All these people who lost their health insurance will find out that the insurance that they had was worthless. They were sold a bill of goods by some slick-talking insurance agent who makes his living selling insurance. I am sure glad I don’t have to go out and buy my health insurance policy. I buy house insurance and car insurance and when I have a claim I have to rely on my insurance agent to tell me what my benefits are. Sometimes I wonder if I am getting the straight information; after all, they do work for the insurance company. How many times have you heard someone say, ‘I wonder if I should hire a lawyer,’ after they file a claim? You have to fight those insurance adjusters tooth and nail to get what you feel you deserve.

If you are under Obamacare this would not be necessary. I was lucky I belonged to a union that protected my health insurance claims before I retired. I would hope that these insurance companies would reimburse the people that they scammed for selling them some worthless piece of goods. I suppose they are protected by that buyer-beware clause.

Why doesn’t Fox News ever talk about how Obamacare got rid of all those policies that were worthless? They won’t talk about this because it would make Obama look good.

Have you noticed the price of gas? Fox News made a big issue out of how much it was when Obama was elected and how it went up to $4 a gallon. Now it is around $3 a gallon and they don’t say a word. Fox News wants to give him blame, but they won’t give him credit.

Also the stock market has almost doubled since he took office. Will you ever hear about this on Fox News? I think not. All you hear is doom and gloom. It is hard to believe that there are far-right people who take what Fox News says seriously. If I were one of these people, I would be ashamed to admit it. Some have so little common sense that they put what they hear on Fox News in the paper. I do my best to educate these people, but there are some people you can’t help. Thanks for taking the time to read some true facts from the most hated person in Albert Lea by those far-right Republicans. I would like to suggest again to watch “The Ed Show” on MSNBC at 4 p.m. daily.


Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea


  • sdson77

    Oh Wayne, you are so predictable. Your president whom you said a few months ago would be the most popular president ever when his term is up and they will demand his wife runs, his approval rating is 39% and going down. People don’t trust his word anymore, he has lost credibility. All you can do is complain about FOX? You are blinded by your beliefs. Wayne, you may be right about some of those policies being worthless, most of them are not. They will not find a policy that is comparable in price, they will pay through the nose. The scary thing is doctors are leaving the medical field because of Obama. I was in the Pharmaceutical industry for many years, and I know first hand how many are planning retiring at the end of this year and next because of Obamacare. Wake up and smell the coffee Wayne, your precious President is failing miserably nothing you can say will change that. The man is in over his head and has no clue on what real leadership is. You can stay in your dreamland all you want Wayne.

  • Scott Bute

    Wayne, you better take a good look around. It isn’t just Foxnews that is pounding on the Obama administration over the disastrous roll out of the “Affordable” Health Care Act. It is nearly all of them with the exception of the radicals at MSNBC and a growing number of Democrats who are turning against him as the country finds out the truth about this unmitigated disaster. These Dems are going to find no where to hide at the mid term elections. They voted for it with no bipartisan support, they rammed it through without reading it, and they now own it lock, stock and barrel. Wake up my friend. The rest of the country has.

  • Troy

    Thanks Wayne for keeping things in balance and in perspective. Your right-wing fanatical critics have a chronic case of diarrhea of the mouth and stinking-thinking that just will not stop. Keep up the good work in educating readers about the truth!

    • sdson77

      Again Troy, typical liberal, all you can do is name call those that believe differently than you. If you believe the truth according to Wayne, then you are blinded by your beliefs too. At least I can criticize the republicans for poor decisions, you and Wayne blindly follow what they tell you.

  • Scott Bute

    The word in the mainstream press is if Obamacare self implodes and has to be revoked, liberalism itself will fall. Even some on the far left are retreating from the Obamacare disaster to try and preserve their brand.
    Yikes Troy, chill a bit will you? Just having a conversation here.