2 men charged with dealing painkillers

Published 9:39am Sunday, December 22, 2013

AUSTIN — Two men suspected of illegally dealing prescription painkillers over the past months in Austin were arrested last week and charged in Mower County Court.

Jonathan Duane Hegna, 23, and Alexander Gene Barth, 25, both of Austin, were each charged Friday with three felony counts of third-degree drug sale.

According to the court complaint, an informant met separately with each suspect on three occasions to buy the pills and then turn them over to an investigator. In October, Barth allegedly sold the informant 30 pills at $4 a piece, 100 pills at $4 a piece several days later and 30 pills of a stronger, 40 mg oxycontin days after that.

At about the same time in October, an informant allegedly rode with Hegna to Lansing Township to buy 30 pills of oxycodone at $3 a piece. Two days later, according to the court complaint, the informant watched Hegna’s child while Hegna went to pick up 100 pills at $3 a piece. The informant allegedly bought 30 stronger pills of 40 mg oxycontin at $10 each several days later.

According to the court complaints, Barth admitted to selling the painkillers; however, Hegna declined to speak with the detective.