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Editorial: Thumbs

Published 2:49pm Saturday, December 28, 2013

Editorial: Thumbs

thumbupTo a white Christmas.

It was pleasant to see snowfall on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning. It was a very Minnesotan Christmas, indeed. Most people stayed off the roads and in their homes, by the looks of things that day. Some, indeed, had to go outside and snowblow and shovel, but they probably were in a good mood after a morning of gift giving. Others had to travel out of town, but being the holiday was on a Wednesday this year, many families took care of visiting relatives this weekend or on the weekend before Christmas. This left the special day as one to be enjoyed at home watching the smiles of children on the morning after Santa Claus visited.


thumbupTo postal carriers.

Thank you to the men and women in blue who deliver a mountain on letters and packages around the holidays. We heard about one carrier in Clarks Grove who delivered packages around town before Christmas came because otherwise they would have been stuck at the post office for the owners of post office boxes. Many times “going postal” is a good thing, you know.




To Youth for Christ.

It’s great news that the organization behind the youth drop-in center The Rock in downtown Albert Lea plans to start a similar facility in Austin. Having positive places for children to go is an investment that benefits both communities, as they have so many ties. There are plenty of adults in Albert Lea who grew up in Austin and vice versa. Plus, many people live in one city and work in the other. We urge readers to give to Youth for Christ’s $225,000 campaign to purchase and renovate a building in Austin on Third Avenue NW.