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City residents cautioned to watch for water line freezing

Published 9:40am Friday, February 14, 2014

Due to the extremely cold winter, frost levels are reaching the 5- and 6-foot marks. This depth of frost is reaching a level where some water service lines are buried. Because of this, the city of Albert Lea has seen an increase in frozen water lines. City residents with any history of water lines freezing in the past are encouraged to run a continuous pencil-width stream of water from a faucet in their home. If you are able to test the temperature of your water from your tap — it should read above 40 degrees. If it reads below 40 degrees you are also encouraged to run a continuous pencil-width stream of water. The water should run 24 hours a day until at least the end of March.

For questions, call the city Utilities Department, 507-377-4378, or the Engineering Department, 507-377-4325.

  • pikkapikka

    Is running a stream of water advised for homes with private septic systems as well or will this cause problems with the drain field?