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Editorial: How beneficial is medical marijuana?

Published 3:02pm Friday, February 28, 2014

The latest Minnesota Poll conducted by the Star Tribune indicated that a bare majority — 51 percent — of Minnesotans favor the legalization of marijuana for medical uses.

We’ve always wondered — what exactly are the medical properties of marijuana? We have heard that it helps control pain and nausea for those undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, that it does something for glaucoma sufferers and that it calms some people suffering from mental disorders.

To listen to some proponents it is a golden elixir, a panacea that cures a number of ills. We never seem to hear about potential side effects. Most pharmaceutical ads include lengthy disclaimers about how the drug may cause this or that harmful condition. We would imagine smoking marijuana would have a large number of unhealthy side effects.

Part of the problem with medical marijuana is that suddenly all kinds of otherwise healthy people develop illnesses that need marijuana treatment, and there is no shortage of so-called doctors who are willing to write a prescription.

In matter like this, public preference polls should take a back seat to real research into the medical benefits and negative side effects of marijuana use.

— New Ulm Journal, Feb. 19

  • stardust

    Are you people truly ignorant? Or just pretending?

    Medical marijuans can be delivered to patients in various forms and methods aside from smoking.

    Do you think the pharmaceutical industry would ever favor a medication that is even partially beyond their control??

    A terminally ill cancer patient(I know at least two personally) does not worry about “side effects” when he/she is starving to death or in constant pain and nausea.

    And, jeez, maybe a natural substance that has been used for centuries doesn’t cause “vommitting, cramps, high blood pressure, stroke,etc, etc” like so many artificial drugs coming from corporate drug companies. No wonder these corp entities are opposing medical marijuana. It’s the MONEY. Less of it.

    Thousands of pounds of illegal marijuana is being consumed by Americans each day, probably by people you know. Where’s the epidemic of side effects?? Truly laughable.

    Your grotesque self-obsessive fear of the boogie man only enlightens others how hypocritical and unsympathetic your unenlightened words appear. Crawl back into your cave. Let other’s imagination, innovation, and empathy do their work for society.

  • stardust

    The AL Tribune is complicitly ignorant and misinforming in such matters by printing this garbage. Shame on you.

  • sdson77

    Hey Patrick,

    You make pot sound like it is the safest drug ever taken. Please read the information at this website, there is danger in all illegal drugs. http://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/marijuana

  • stardust

    The FDA approved all these dangerous drugs.


    The world is a dangerous place, according to the NIH. And so it is. Scapegoating alternative methods of appraoching the world is a favorite of NIH, the gods of safe secure lifestyle. Meanwhile they stand by and allow millions of tons of pesticides, herbicides, other carcinogens. These people are hypocrits. Our children have a much higher chance of poor health or death due to FDA/NIH approved drugs or artificial substances than any plant or natural substance. Research funded by drug corporations, Monsatan, or vested interests has historically been proven inacurate. It’s all about the cash. Medical marijuana threatens a massive investment.

    One reason MN and other law enforcement want marijuana kept illegal is….guess….cash and enforcement toys from the Feds, cash and toys local communities refuse to subsidize. It’s a scam of tax dollars.

    Also it’s money and power which keeps tobacco and alchohol legal, two very dangerous drugs that kill millions per year. The FDA and HIH would outlaw asparagus if corrupt studies suggested so. It’s dangerous for capitalist elites when individuals can take matters into their own hands with growing a plant. Remember, the sun is dangerous. Better go hide!