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Thanks to seniors for sports support

Published 1:48pm Saturday, February 15, 2014

I want to address all the senior citizens who attend their favorite high school sports teams’ games: Thank you!

I attend the home Austin High School boys basketball games regularly, and as much as I enjoy the game of basketball, I love the overall atmosphere the game provides even more — everything from the smell of freshly made popcorn to watching a 4-year-old trying to win a jug of pop during the halftime “hoop shoot.”

A main group that contributes to this great setting on game night is the senior population. I am tickled to see those who’ve been watching hoops since the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s continue to brave the wintry weather religiously to cheer on The Pack. These folks remember the game before the 3-point line and collapsible rims attached to glass backboards; some may remember watching the two-hand underhand free throw shot — some maybe even perfected that shot themselves!

They wear red and white.

They know the school song.

They put their hands on their hearts when the national anthem is sung or played.

They acknowledge a good play with loud cheers and follow a bad play with words of encouragement.

They gaze upon the floor and see not only the kids out there now, but also the faces of those they watched or played with so many years ago.

They have great basketball stories — great life stories.

They remind us and educate us about “our” past, and they remind us life is for living.

They are a blessing, and they help make game night fun — a lot of fun!

So, thank you, seniors, for making this fan happy. I’ll see you at the next game … and I just may buy the popcorn.


Dave Cahill