thumbupTo the House bonding bill.

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Published 8:10am Sunday, March 23, 2014

It was good to see Albert Lea represented in the bonding bill proposed by the Minnesota House of Representatives. This reflects well on state Rep. Shannon Savick and the DFL-controlled chamber. However, it isn’t the end of the road, and the state Senate comes out with its proposed bonding bill next. We expect the state Sen. Dan Sparks can make sure Albert Lea’s interests — the dredging and the bike trail — will be reflected in the bill. The DFLers no doubt recall that District 27A is a swing district that can be lost. Getting the bonding portion of the funding of the dredging project approved and signed into law is a high priority for local voters.


thumbdown To the Safe and Supportive Schools Act.

It’s shameful that legislators feel that passing an anti-bullying bill will make a difference in reducing bullying. The problem is something that only can be solved at the local level, where school boards, administrators and teachers make the rules and handle the supervision of children. Hindering districts with more unfunded mandates and more regulations is more likely to hamper local-level anti-bullying efforts than anything. The legislation is simply throwing money and red tape at a problem. The fact is, most school districts and parents handle bullying problems fairly well. We only hear in the news of the serious failures, not the successes. And we still will hear the worst of the worst cases even if this bill becomes law. Let’s hope the legislators wise up. They can’t fix bullying problems with the stroke of a pen in St. Paul. It just feels good for them to think they can.


To the Albert Lea Figure Skating Club.

thumbup If you missed the Saturday night show, go to the one at 2 p.m. today. This year’s display of figure skating at City Arena is extra fun, as the skaters will be zipping around the rink to the sounds of  country music. It’s completely fun for skaters and spectators alike. Fans also get a treat in watching guest skater David Kaufmann of Rochester perform. Congratulations to the club on its  successes this year.