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Editorial: People were inside during the same weather in fall

Published 9:27am Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What fine weather we had Sunday. The temperature was in the 60s, despite a blustery southwest wind. It was the best weather since November.

Mothers, fathers, grandparents and children alike were outside enjoying the warm day. What’s interesting is back in November, or even during October and late September, when the weather was warm, people all too often were inside.

Why is it that so many of us are eager to get outdoors in the spring? No doubt it is because folks have been cooped up all winter escaping the cold. Yet every fall brings some of the best weather on the calendar and far too many people take the nice, crisp autumn days for granted. They have had their share of warmth and seem ready to hibernate once Labor Day weekend has passed and school is in session. This happens despite the fact it might be the last T-shirt weather they get before the snow arrives.

The lesson? This is Minnesota, where wintry weather lasts five or six months, sometimes from November to May. “Was summer on a Thursday last year?” is a Minnesota joke that has a ring of truth to it. Enjoy the good-weather days when we have them, even when it seems like we have had our fill. Get out of the house and be active.