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Include all kinds of school seniors

Published 10:08am Monday, April 14, 2014

I’m like all parents out there, doing their best to raise their children so hopefully they, too, will someday have a future to look forward to.

Today I’m writing on behalf of parents like me dealing with a child of special needs. This year is a big, scary year, but one that we, too, will deal with, as this child is a graduate-to-be. These children, too, will be 2014 seniors, and they want and need the same things, maybe in different ways that others take for granted. This is the time of year where most parents and seniors are enjoying the camaraderie and excitement and are looking forward to their bright futures, whatever they may have planned going forward.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in these happenings that we might take for granted that there are those among us who, through no fault of their own, can feel the exclusions from many of these senior happenings. They may have special needs that we may or may not see or understand, yet will hold them back from these senior happenings. So please let’s not forget to include all senior graduates with a hard-earned pat on the back for their hard-earned accomplishments, no matter what they had to overcome to get to this day.

Again, best of luck to all 2014 senior graduates from all the rest of us out here!


Roby Allord

Albert Lea