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Love manifests itself in multiple ways

Published 10:55am Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Happy Medium by Erin Murtaugh

The other day for my writing college papers class, we were asked to write about the topic of love for 15 minutes straight. As I wrote, I became more and more aware of the complexity of the topic of love. Here is what I came up with:

Love is a unique feeling. You will probably feel it many times in your life. There is a kind of love when it is someone you are related to — parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. This kind of love is when you would do most anything for them because they are your family. It is unconditional.

Love is also felt when you “fall in love” with someone. This is when that person is all you can think about. You get butterflies in your stomach when you hear their name. When you’re without that person, you feel empty inside. It is even more powerful when the person loves you back. A mutual feeling, love, for someone is the greatest power on this earth. Love overcomes all else.

There are other kinds of love. A love for an animal is an example. My heart gets so happy when I come home to my dog and she is excited to see me. Dogs love their humans more than they will ever love anyone else, including themselves, and that is powerful.

People can also love objects. I don’t think I have ever felt this before. I’m not really attached to any physical objects. Love can be felt through feelings. For example, you can love the feeling of pain.

When I think of love, I automatically think of the Bible verse in 1 Corinthians; “Love is patient. Love is kind. Love does not envy or boast.” This is my favorite verse because it is a constant reminder of how great and powerful love is.

I think that love comes in all forms. I think that people can love people, people can love animals and vice versa. We all come from the same love.


Albert Lea resident Erin Murtaugh is a senior at Albert Lea High School. She can be reached at