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People leave dog poop on sidewalk

Published 11:03am Thursday, May 8, 2014

Today I had the pleasure of walking the trail off of Front Street with my dog and what a pleasure it was, even with the wind. I did, however, see why people are very frustrated with dog owners when I noticed poop on the sidewalk from a small dog.

I have a large dog and know the difference between a little dog’s poop and a big dog’s poop and these were from little dogs. Regardless if you have a big dog or little dog and you decide to walk your dog anywhere in town, please show some courtesy to your fellow human beings by picking up the dog’s poop when they’ve gone.

Especially disturbing was the fact it was on the sidewalk. Do we not care that other people might step in it? What’s happened to people lately? We’ve lost our ability to be considerate to others when it pleases us.

Maybe there should be a class that everyone has to take on being courteous to your fellow human beings, and then when the adults relearn it, they can teach it to their children, because right now the children are not learning courtesy and respect from their elders in a lot of cases.

Come on, people, wake up, wise up and clean up. This is your city, try to keep it clean. I have a big dog, and it’s no treat to pick up her poop, but I do it. I wouldn’t mind an extra garbage can out there to drop my little package into, but if I have to carry it, I carry it. The city even provides the bags there and other places around town.

Let’s show people we care about this town because if you don’t, why should anyone else? Please clean up after your dogs. If you can’t clean it up, keep the dog home, although that would be a shame to cut them out of a little enjoyment because the human is too lazy to do their job.


Kathy Diaz

Albert Lea