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Republicans made the difference

Published 9:24am Friday, May 9, 2014

I will review Republican accomplishments from the Reagan years forward.

From the failed Jimmy Carter years, we had double-digit inflation, interests rates were over 20 percent, unemployment was almost 8 percent. Ronald Reagan implemented large tax cuts, reduced tax loopholes, eased regulations. When Reagan left office, inflation was down to 3.6 percent, interests rates dropped to 11 percent, unemployment to 5.6 percent and the country had one of the largest economic expansions in history. When Reagan took office, 15.1 percent of wage and salary earners were making minimum wage. When he left office, 5.1 percent were making minimum wage. The number went from 6.9 million to 3.1 million.

When Reagan took office 87.5 million people were working in wage and salary jobs. When he left, 101.6 million were working. So let’s see. Republicans reduced the number of people in low-paying jobs, put many more people back to work, reduced the cost of living for people by lowering inflation and interests rates and let them keep more of their money. Reagan also shored up Social Security while in office, making it solvent well into the 2000s. Imagine that.

When the Republicans took control of Congress in 1994, it forced Bill Clinton to the middle. The Republican Congress oversaw welfare reform that put people back to work instead of being condemned to being on the government dole their whole lives. The Republican Congress with Clinton passed a balanced budget and surpluses. There was an economic expansion that occurred during this time under a Republican Congress with Clinton agreeing. Again, more people were working with higher-paying jobs and less people on minimum wage.

Under George W. Bush, he had to deal with a tech bubble recession, then 911. Unemployment continued to drop and people on minimum wage continued to decrease. Bush also brought us Medicare Prescription Drug Plan that helped all seniors. Imagine that. Bush had to deal with the housing bubble at the very end of his tenure. I was not a big Bush fan but he handled 911 way better than any Democrat would have.

What have the Republicans done over the last six years. They have slowed or stopped Obama from taking us to a total welfare state. Just remember, the Democrats fought Bush tooth and nail, too, I didn’t hear you complain about filibusters then.

We know what Reagan did to build up our military and bring respect back to the United States after what Jimmy Carter did to our military might.

So, putting people back to work, letting them spend more of their own money, getting people off of welfare, getting people off of minimum wage isn’t good enough for you? Compassion isn’t giving people money from one group of people and giving it to another, it is giving people the opportunity to earn a great living which the Republicans strive for. I believe in a safety net and not being dependent on the government from the womb to the tomb.


Jeffery Ramsley

Minnesota Lake