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Arts are good for the community

Published 10:13am Thursday, July 31, 2014

The arts challenge the individual to think broadly, to attempt the new and to take healthy risks. Young children who participate in after-school arts programs show decreases in negative behavior, increases in attention span, confidence, commitment and tolerance. Technology turns to the arts for innovation and inspiration including developing creative workplace skills. Why wouldn’t we want a better, more active art center?

Arts promote true prosperity. The arts are fundamental to our humanity. The arts build bridges between cultures. Arts are good for local merchants. Whether it is theater arts (our local Marion Ross Theater) or fine arts, arts improve children’s academic performance and seniors find solace and renewed life in learning new skills. Why wouldn’t we want to support an art center to improve our society?

It has been through that kind of creative thinking that someone goes from potato salad in the kitchen to a multimillion-dollar business. Just think about the great logo the Minnesota Corrugated Box Factory displays outside their building. The creative widgets that Lou-Rich develops. A man named Oscar Larson who, at 65, started building storm windows in his home and then installed them in other homes; today it is an international business. Someone who looks at the beauty of flowers and turns it into a landscaping business. We never know what goodness comes out of taking risks and trying to better our community.

So I ask you, why wouldn’t we want to partner to make our fine city a better place by supporting the arts? We need to support a positive creative environment for all of our residents.


Barb Butler

Albert Lea