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Obama sure has a lot of guts

Published 9:44am Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Does anyone see anything wrong with this Hobby Lobby ruling? There are some religious groups that are against blood transfusions. Now if they want to start a business and refuse to furnish blood transfusion in their insurance, they will have this right. There have been parents prosecuted for refusing to allow their child a blood transfusion.

I think it is terrible the way big money is getting to the pockets of our politicians. It is so obvious that this is what happened. Why did this issue come up now? Not until Obamacare is here to stay did this type of situation rear its ugly head. They had no problem with this before Obamacare. Those blood-thirsty, far-right Republicans will do anything they can think of to cause problems for Obama.

Obama has showed me he has more guts than any of our previous presidents. Just before the last election he went after Osama bin Laden and got him. He did this with zero casualties. If he would have had any problems, he would have lost the election.

It was Obama who voted against invading Iraq along with France and Germany who wanted nothing to do with that. It was all over Fox News to punish France and Germany for not supporting us in the invasion. Just stop and think where we would be at if that do-nothing Congress would have worked with Obama instead of against him. I don’t know how the Republicans are going to try and take credit for the stock market going from $6,500 to $17,000 in the last six years. The unemployment is dropping, housing market is going up with housing starts. I know they will come up with something to try and take credit for all this like they always do when something goes right.

It’s going to be interesting to see what they plan to run on. They haven’t done anything for last six years to talk about. For those of you who need evidence as to whether I am the most-hated person in Albert Lea by those far-right pinheads, go to your computer and look up Albert Lea Tribune and go on letters to the editor. Look for the articles that have the most comments.   They are all mine.

These far-right pinheads stick together like wolves in a pack blasting me. You will get a bang out of this one. He blasts me, and I blast him back. We went back and forth, and then he wanted me to apologize for what I said. The nerve of him. He invades my letter and then wants an apology from me for blasting him back.

If my letters didn’t make so much sense, they wouldn’t comment on them. You will notice they blast the messenger and not the message. I love it. I can’t think of another place I would choose to be this popular.


Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea