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Savick displays solid integrity

Published 10:12am Thursday, July 31, 2014

I first met Shannon Savick a little over two years ago, and my admiration and appreciation of her has only grown over time. Rarely have I met anyone, let alone a public official, who is more honest and independent. Maybe because of her diverse life experiences, she does what she thinks is right and pays little attention to the politics. I appreciate this honesty and integrity.

Yet Shannon is pragmatic. She is willing to work across the aisle and on the edges of issues, like domestic abuse, and accomplish what can be done.

And she is effective. As part of the Legislature over the past two years, she has worked on and voted for a number of important issues: raising the minimum wage, increasing funding for education, working with the House and pushing the Senate and governor for money for the dredging of Fountain Lake.

Shannon is not flashy. She is not ambitious. I can safely say that she will never run for governor or any other statewide office. And she is not good at pandering. She will tell you what she thinks about an issue or policy.

But Shannon is a good listener and seeks to solve problems, not score political points.

I believe that District 27A is lucky to be represented by such an independent, honest and thinking person. Please return Rep. Shannon Savick to the legislature to finish the good work that she has started. She needs your vote!


Mary Hinnenkamp

Albert Lea