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Excitement builds for big weekend in Wells

Published 10:09am Monday, August 11, 2014

Something About Nothing by Julie Seedorf

Anticipation is high in my community this week. Anticipation is the act of expecting something with excitement. That is the way I am feeling this week as the All School Reunion Committee and the City of Wells finalizes the plans for the all-school reunion and Kernel Days.

I know I am excited to see old classmates, and people that graduated before me and after me.  Will we recognize each other? Thank goodness there will be name tags. Some of the alumni will be back and showcasing some of their artistic talent, such as Karl Mueller. His movie, Mr. Jones, which was written and directed by Karl will be shown at the Flame Theater during the reunion.  Christina Wilson, Artist, will be sharing her beautiful artwork and talent with the crowd.

We will be able to walk down memory lane as we tour the old Wells School. Do you suppose the ghosts of our past years pranks will whisper to us as we walk the hallways? I imagine there will be many stories shared, some which we will remember, and some we will be surprised as to what might have been happening right under our noses. There will be a lunch for past graduates according.  Will we remember the food fights? Are we too old for that now?  We used to have many of what we called Lyceums, in the auditorium. It will again be home to a variety show featuring all ages of alumni. Do you suppose they will revive old skits?

Friday evening LED Penny Band will entertain us with their ’50s and ’60s through ’80s music. Do you suppose us old timers can show the youngsters how to dance our dances?

An SOS went out recently asking for places to park RV’s.

Parking lots and yards will be full of Wells and Wells-Easton and USC Alumni. Do they still party like they used to or has age mellowed all of us? Over 700 people at last count have officially signed up for attendance. But, you know how we are, we don’t always like to commit so I would guess there will be more that wanted to attend incognito in case they need to make a quick getaway.

That trucker might be there and remember they were the ones that threw the water balloon that broke his lights or windshield. Or, they are incognito because they wanted to check out an old flame before they reveal themselves.

We can’t forget that it is also Kernel Days weekend and all the Kernel Days activities. The fun starts on Wednesday with a Library Foundation Luncheon and continues into Thursday with the Little Miss Kernel program and comedians Roger Radley and  Don Reese in the evening.

Then the activities get crazy on the weekend with photo art, quilt show, miniature garden and table setting shows, music concerts, bingo, petting zoo, inflatables for the kids, kiddie parade, volleyball tournament, tractor races, Maple Valley Car Show, fireworks, farmers market, cooking show, style show, dances, softball tournaments and the list goes on and on and on. Whew! It makes me excited and worn out listing all the activities.

For the full list, check out the Kernel Days Facebook page because there is so much more happening.

Oh, we can’t forget about the old school tours and the new school tours. Yes, the old school is closing and the students will be moving to the new USC School in the fall. And, don’t forget about the parade Saturday evening. Make sure the kids bring big bags as there is always plenty of candy.

If you are from out of town, you are welcome to enjoy these times with us. Put aside those old school rivalries that we had in the past. I seem to remember there was a little competition between Albert Lea and Blue Earth in the “olden” days.

I am excited about the coming weekend. Aug. 13 through Aug. 16 is a time for the community of Wells to remember its roots. Kernel Days is an old tradition dating back to Wells had a Canning Factory in town and fresh sweet corn was served. Saying good-bye to the old school in preparation for the new school ties us together.

We remember the past while we go forward in the future. We can see where we came from, and what shaped our lives to get to where we are today. Each person’s memory of Kernel Days and the old Wells School will be different. There will be good memories and sad memories. It is a time this year to share those memories with those that lived them, and with those outside our community. There is pride in the past and there will be pride in the future. Ya’ll come.


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