North Dakota synthetic drug case sentences

Published 9:36am Friday, August 29, 2014

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — Punishments of 15 defendants convicted in a synthetic drug case that resulted in the overdose deaths of two teenagers in the Grand Forks, N.D., area, culminating with the sentencing Thursday of Charles Carlton:

• Charles Carlton of Katy, Texas: 20 years, 6 months in prison.

• Casey Rosen of Minneapolis: 20 years in prison.

• Andrew Spofford of Fargo, N.D.: 17 years, 6 months in prison

• Wesley Sweeney of Manvel, N.D.: 12 years, six months in prison.

• Adam Budge of Grand Forks: 11 years, four months in prison.

• John Polinski of Houston, Texas: 11 years in prison.

• Peter Hoistad of Grand Forks: eight years in prison.

• Ryan Lane of East Grand Forks: five years in prison.

• William Fox of Grand Forks: four years in prison.

• Byron Landry of Kiln, Miss.: three years, four months in prison.

• Stephen Bucher of Bemidji: three years in prison.

• Ronald Norling III of Grand Forks: two years, three months in prison.

• Dillon Breen of Grand Forks: one year, four months in prison.

• Scott Anthony of Grand Forks: one year, three months in prison.

• Allyson Desantos of Grand Forks: three years of probation.