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Wisconsin is run by Republicans

Published 9:19am Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In answer to the letter to the editor from Dave Anderson of Lonsdale, I submit the following. It was headed “Numbers, rankings can by anything” and published Aug. 3.

I can’t believe that someone who lives in Lonsdale can find so many negative things to say about Minnesota. I don’t know why you live here if it is so bad. I think you should probably move to Wisconsin. Minnesota is ranked third in the nation for job growth. Wisconsin is dead last. Compare all your negatives to what they have there. Wisconsin is run by Republicans. I believe after you compare all the numbers and rankings you will be glad to stay where you are at in good-old Minnesota.

I am a thoroughbred Iowegian. I moved here in 1965. I am very happy as to where I am today. I have had a good life here. I am 73 years old and have been retired since I turned 62. I receive four checks every month that they say will end when I die. I got news for them: I don’t plan on dying. I should have discovered this way of life when I was younger. This is my kind of living — getting paid for staying alive. So you go ahead and move to Wisconsin where the Republicans rule. I’m staying here.


Wayne  Thorson

Albert Lea