Second Thoughts

Stats or scores? I want both!

As a sports reporter that covers seven school districts and 82 teams, high school athletics reference sites are invaluable. Read more

With fewer sports, fans aren’t diluted at smaller schools

Compared to Albert Lea High School, the gym at Lake Mills High School is cozy, closed at both ends with basketball hoops strapped to the ... Read more

Show me some Love

As excited as I was about No. 84 in purple again, after Sunday night’s press conference rant, I knew that the Moss-Vikings marriage was in ... Read more

Good coaching is the X-factor in the postseason

As an athlete, when you win it’s hard to give a lot of credit to the coach. Read more

Rivalry realigned: Dyrdal and Hulne on Tigers-Packers

If there’s one game the Albert Lea Tigers football players circled on their calendars at the beginning of the season, it’s Wednesday’s regular season finale ... Read more