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Pryor loses in Ark. as GOP bids for Senate control

WASHINGTON — Veteran Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas lost his seat Tuesday to a freshman House Republican, putting the GOP a step closer to ... Read more

Gov. Dayton chases 2nd term in final run

MINNEAPOLIS — Democrat Mark Dayton waited to learn today if Minnesota voters would rehire him as governor, the first time the veteran politician has asked ... Read more

Voting time commences after campaign season

WASHINGTON — Public campaigning gave way to the privacy of the voting booth today with control of the Senate, the makeup of the House and ... Read more

Issues missing from Senate races

WASHINGTON — This year’s Senate races have featured astronomical spending, ceaseless attack ads and innumerable slaps at a president who’s not on the ballot. Largely ... Read more

Schisms in electorate clear early

From daybreak on, voters across the nation showcased the schisms in the American electorate. Construction worker Rebecca Cziryak was out at dawn today in New ... Read more