Tales From Exit 22

Latest Tales From Exit 22

The phone call heard around the Megamall

Pink Floyd sang, “All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall.” I was just another hick in the mall. One day, I was in Faribault ... Read more

Those thrilling days of yesteryear live on

I sat on the bumpy bus. My grade-school self bounced in concert with the vehicle’s seat. A note was pinned to my shirt. I might ... Read more

Looking like you have tattoos does the trick

He was giggling as if his underwear were made out of feathers. It was good to see him happy. He’d quit his job at the mirror company. ... Read more

It was a bad day that kept getting worse

Arnie had a string tied around his finger. His wife had put it there so he’d remember to mail the letter that she’d forgotten ... Read more

Elections are coming! Elections are coming!

The elections are coming. It’s when my best friend becomes anyone running for elected office. I knew it was an election year when the minister asked if ... Read more