Guest Columns

Women deserve equal chances to succeed

With over 45,000 jobs created last year, one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, and a projected budget surplus of over $800 million, ... Read more

Vladimir Putin set up a Potemkin village

Russian President Vladimir Putin has spent more than $50 billion — more than all previous Winter Games combined — to unveil a “new Russia” at ... Read more

Recycling goes so well, truck takes longer

With statistics coming in about the new single-stream recycling program, we have the numbers, and they look really, really good. Read more

What is an instrument of peace, anyway?

My Point of View by Jerrold Dettle St. Francis of Assisi admirably prayed to be an instrument of peace and none can argue with that ... Read more

What’s the law when animals are on road?

Question: My neighbor has cattle and horses; they are always getting out of their fences — many times onto the roadway. Read more