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How to win and lose elections big and small

Do voters elect the best candidate? Of course not. They elect the best politician. I’ve been doing journalism for, oh, 19 years now. There are many ... Read more | 1 comment

Is this 7-year-old ever going to build stuff?

It all started with a video game called “Minecraft.” Forrest was spending so much time on the iPad either playing “Minecraft” or watching YouTube videos about ... Read more

The United States has boundary disputes

Anyone who has been to the conference room at the Albert Lea Tribune knows there is a large National Geographic wall map of the world. ... Read more

League offers football without pads, helmets

Surprise, surprise! There is a football league playing football the way I have argued that it ought to be played — without pads. It’s the American 7 ... Read more

How to measure the most successful car?

What is the most successful car of all time? It all depends on the criteria we use to determine “most successful.” If it is based on sales, ... Read more