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Victory for the human race around the corner

Most European countries have experienced enough suffering that they are very slow to go to war, as evidenced by their lack of support for our ... Read more

The lessons learned from Christmas past

Circa 2110: “Tell me a story about the old days, Papa,” asked Jeremy, who Grandpa liked to call ‘Snapper’. “OK, Snapper, let’s see…I know it ... Read more

Keeping the jolly in your holly this year

Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season so far. Now is a good time to stop and evaluate, “Am I creating the Christmas season the way ... Read more

From jealousy to joy by seeing the truth

Jealousy requires within me a belief that joy comes from outside myself. Read more

Giving up the guilt and getting back the joy

We all make mistakes. We misjudge. We say things that hurt. We make choices in our anger that we later regret. We may think inside, ... Read more