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Mourning the past lives of businesses lost

I am thinking of changing the name of my column to “Meanderings Of An Old Woman.” I don’t mind being called old.  Some days I ... Read more

The workers of America run the country

I was faced with a startling fact this week. It wasn’t a feeling I was used to when examining this fact. The feeling flew up ... Read more

Don’t be afraid to have some wrinkles and sags

My face fell, and it can’t get up. There comes a natural part of aging when things go south and there isn’t much you can ... Read more

Area libraries are all wonderful in own ways

Libraries have changed since I was a kid. We didn’t have the access to reading material  children and adults have today. I was an avid ... Read more

Lead others with the heart, not ownership

Shemar Moore is leaving “Criminal Minds.” I couldn’t believe what was happening on a recent episode with his departing the team. “Criminal Minds” is a ... Read more