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Feel like mowing down construction cones?

I hate winter travel. I look forward to summers when traveling the roads are quick and easy. I don’t slip and slide and have to ... Read more

Excitement builds for big weekend in Wells

Anticipation is high in my community this week. Anticipation is the act of expecting something with excitement. That is the way I am feeling this ... Read more

Small town downtowns are coming back

The words “Small town main streets coming back” are making headlines on television, radio and newspapers across the United States. I heard the news on ... Read more

Is there no hope to halt inner-city violence?

Cassius White. You won’t recognize the name unless you caught the small blurb of his name in a newspaper article surrounding the Fourth of July ... Read more

Imagination gets the best of homeowners

I have always had an active imagination. Deep in the recesses of my brain there is something that triggers an intrigue in the thought of ... Read more