Something About Nothing

Wells will miss man with stories, funny gait

“What will you give me to not take my foot off of this bat that just crawled out from under your desk?” I looked at ... Read more

A hot time in the old town comes this summer

Our past, good or bad, shapes our future. This year my community will be celebrating our past as we go forward to the future. Read more

Trip to Twin Cities yields insights on the times

What happens when you take a country granny and put her in the middle of a big city? I don’t know about other grannies, but ... Read more

Easter season changes; Easter reason hasn’t

The sun is shining, the earth is warmer and it is time to examine my wardrobe for the spring. Easter Sunday is almost here. Read more

Extra! Extra! Read all about the new book

I am shouting it from the mountaintops. Well, maybe from the empty fields since I don’t live around the mountains. My new mystery, the second ... Read more