Something About Nothing

A country bumpkin visits the Twin Cities

I once wrote a book for a friend. I called myself the city girl in the story, which of course, was a little far-fetched because ... Read more

I love them all the same, but differently

Love is amazing. I imagine it is not surprising for me to make that statement during this Valentine’s week of love. However, this week is ... Read more

Think before you speak and spread rumors

Do you remember the telephone game? You would whisper something into someone’s ear and they would whisper what they heard to the person next to ... Read more

What on earth is the product Alabastine?

Alabastine. I will say it again, Alabastine. I believe that word would make an awesome name for a character in one of my books, ... Read more

Bath-warming gift provides a good laugh

I have been in hibernation mode; at least, that is how it seems. The weather is cold and snowy. My house is warm and cozy. ... Read more