Things I Tell My Wife

Latest Things I Tell My Wife

Putting trust in others can be a challenge

“Sometimes you just have to trust that everything is going to be okay,” I told Sera the night before our daughter’s first day of child ... Read more

Tubman dedicated life to fighting for liberty

“It’s still so incomprehensible for me to think about what life as a slave meant,” I told my wife after reading recent news about famous ... Read more

Help build up supports around single parents

“I’m not sure how single parents do this,” I told my wife after a long day at work. For the past several weeks my mother-in-law ... Read more

Don’t wait a moment to improve the world

“We finished the volunteer booklets today at work,” I told my wife on our car ride home. Later this month we’ll be celebrating the hundreds ... Read more

Do you have one towel just for your dog?

“Are you really just now telling me that we have a special towel for the dog?” I asked my wife after finding out I had ... Read more