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Civility has a larger reach than you may think

Being civil or kind is something many children are taught at a young age, but as we get older we can become jaded by our ... Read more

Greater Minnesota must fight for candidates’ attention

At this time in the election cycle candidates for political office are desperately fighting for our attention with a barrage of television ads, appearances, mass ... Read more

What does the future hold for southern Minnesota?

Minnesota has undeniably a great history. This writer’s panoramic view is actually an attempt to make an interesting dissection of where we are economically based ... Read more

Trip to Ireland reveals land with contrasts

When our Irish tour guide for an Irish heritage and castle tour first said the Irish word “craic,” it sounded like “crack.” I smiled as ... Read more

Springsted survey aimed at entire Albert Lea community

Last Monday night, the Albert Lea Area Schools Board of Directors heard the results of a community survey conducted by Springsted Inc. of 303 voters. ... Read more | 1 comment