Guest Columns

Bennett shows she has voter crossover appeal

As a conservative, I took some lessons from the election held Nov. 4 in Freeborn County. There were some positive messages starting with the Minnesota ... Read more | 1 comment

Making people happy has the greatest rewards

Wandering around our community on a daily basis looks like it could be retirement. I fantasized it might be fun to record some of my favorite ... Read more

A superb way to give back to Freeborn County

In 2014 the Freeborn County Communities Foundation distributed grants totaling $238,000. The majority of the recipients were Freeborn County nonprofit organizations. The grants were ... Read more

Democrats are pro-life, while GOP is just pro-birth

I don’t have much of an argument against the Catholic Church’s position on abortion, even though I don’t agree with it, because the Catholic Church ... Read more | 6 comments

Be a part of Albert Lea planning its future

I’ve been thinking a lot about what our community was like and my own life experience before the Blue Zones effort came to the area ... Read more