Guest Columns

House has prioritized Greater Minnesota

I’d like to respond to an editorial recently published by the Albert Lea Tribune that suggests Minnesota House Republicans aren’t doing much for Greater Minnesota ... Read more

It’s time to act on scientific info. on climate change

Science is about consensus, not certainty. This room for doubt is precisely what people who have resisted regulation of smoking, leaded gasoline, DDT and other products ... Read more

There are many opportunities downtown

Downtown Albert Lea — when you hear this do you think of “historic downtown Albert Lea”? Read more

It’s time to speak out on transportation

With just over one week to go until the conclusion of the 2015 legislative session, lawmakers are hard at work figuring out the final details ... Read more

‘The Foreigner’ is entertaining, well-acted

“It’s the quiet ones you gotta watch.” As George Carlin observed, this everyday expression is plainly ridiculous, but it provides the hilarious premise for Albert ... Read more