Letters to the Editor

Obama’s history is of concern

This nation is in serious trouble, both domestically and internationally. We have open borders, illegal immigration, a looming financial crisis with a national debt nearing ... Read more

There’s no time for gridlock

What is this debate about who’s “progressive” and who’s “establishment,” and why dwell on it? Well, maybe in a broader context this illustrates the emerging ... Read more

Teachers are backbone of St. Theodore school

Have you heard about the benefits of sending your child to St. Theodore Catholic School? I think it is time for more people to check ... Read more

Albert Lea is the place to be

The other night there was a letter to the editor greatly disparaging life in Albert Lea. I guess if I felt the way the writer ... Read more

Work to initiate better quality of life

With the enclosure movement, the powerful took possession of the village commons. Villagers were displaced to Dickensian slums. The powerful have been converting the public ... Read more