Editorial: Affordable theater for all

A night out to see live theater can be exhilarating and engaging in a way that even the most action-packed movie could never approach. But ... Read more

Tubman dedicated life to fighting for liberty

“It’s still so incomprehensible for me to think about what life as a slave meant,” I told my wife after reading recent news about famous ... Read more

MnSCU paying $600K to rebrand

I just heard that the Minnesota State Colleges and University system has just spent over $600,000 to rename and re-brand itself to Minnesota State. I ... Read more

What you do can make a difference for a child

Many of us associate our childhoods with the simple, timeless lessons we learned. Read more

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Pen to Paper

Letters to the Editor

U.S. should rethink policies

Since World War II, Europe has welcomed tens of millions of Muslims from Africa and the Middle East, who replaced the murdered Jews of Europe. ... Read more


Fools and fast cars are a dangerous mix

The dozen witless wonders who decided to turn a Twin Cities interstate into a racetrack last ... Read more