Editorial: Responder crisis needs more help

Most of us are confident help will arrive soon if we ever have to dial 911. That isn’t the case in rural Minnesota, where the ... Read more

Looking for malts in all the wrong places

I was looking for malts in all the wrong spaces. Looking for malts in too many places. Searchin’ the menu looking for flavors, of what ... Read more

Fundraiser slated for next week

I am sending this letter to the editor in support of a fundraiser for the 2014 Nation of Patriots Tour which  has been underway since ... Read more

Walking in the parade meant a little more

One of my favorite memories this year will be walking in the Albert Lea parade with the Leaders Partnering to End Poverty group. I’ve walked ... Read more

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Pen to paper

Letters to the Editor

Fixing immigration solves other issues

President Barack Obama and others keep saying that they want to do something for the 15 million Americans who are out of work. But two ... Read more


Editorial: Upfront pricing needed in medical field

You check into a hotel. The clerk tells you the price for a nonsmoking room with ... Read more